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If you want to build a successful online business that lasts for the long term, one of the most important things you must do is to grow your opt-in list. An opt-in list is a list of clients who have volunteered to receive emails related to your business and your area of expertise. Growing an opt-in list of highly targeted clients is a great way to establish trusting relationships with your audience. If your clients trust you they will respect what you say and be open to backend product recommendations in the future.

Although growing an opt-in list may seem like a daunting task there are many online tools that can help you to grow and manage a successful opt-in list. Here are some tips and strategies on how to grow a successful opt-in list.

Offer High Quality Information

First and foremost, you must ensure that you are offering high quality information that others find useful. This is the most important thing you must do before you even think about growing an opt-in list. If you offer quality, the opt-ins that you have worked long hours to obtain will be more likely to stick around and develop a trusting relationship with you.

5 Free Ways to List Build

Offering free information that your target audience finds useful and informative is a great way to spread the word and grow your opt-in list. There are endless strategies that you can use to attract opt-ins by offering free information. Here are some examples:

Ebook: Create a quality ebook and offer it as a free download from a designated link. Place a link back to your website or blog in the ebook. When you participate on social networking sites, blogs, and forums or write articles, you can place the ebook link in your signature. If people download your ebook and find it useful they will pass it along to others and the word will get around.

Mini Course: Set up a mini course related to the topic of your business and offer it for free as an autoresponder series. You can set up the course in segments on an autoresponder and then set the autoresponder to distribute each chapter at designated times. Offer the mini course on your website or place the autoresponder address in your signature when you leave comments on other sites or write articles.

Use Social Bookmarking: Share high quality bookmarks on social bookmarking sites. If other users in the community find your bookmark interesting they will visit your website and opt-in to your mailing list. Also, if you create a quality article on sites such as Digg and others find it useful by voting on it, your article could make it to the home page and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

Build a Network of Followers: Offer quality information on social networking sites such as Twitter and build a network of followers. If people like the information you offer they will pass the word along to others who will follow the trail back to your website.

Guest Post on Popular Blogs: There are many blogs online such as ProBlogger that receive tons of traffic. Find one that is related to your business and area of expertise and then approach the blog owner about writing a guest post. If the post is impressive you will receive a lot of traffic back to your website.

These are five great free ways to build an opt-in list and all you need is an investment of your time. If you explore the Internet and look for tips on list building you will find many other ways to accomplish list building without any money out of pocket.

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In a time when local conglomerates have created a stir in the economy, globally, a name that one just can’t afford to miss is the Hinduja Group. One of the largest diversified groups in the world, spanning all the continents, the Hinduja Group is an excellent example of internationally run family business empire. Employing over 40,000 people, the group has offices in key cities of the world and all major cities in India.
And like every family-run business, the Hinduja Group too has its roots firmly planted in the vision of its patriarch – Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja. The saga of the Hinduja Group started in Sind, a town in the cradle of the Indus Valley Civilization. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, a young entrepreneur from Shikarpur, realized the true essence of business very early in life. For him, business was all about spotting opportunities, and seizing them wherever they surfaced. Mumbai thought him the tricks of the trade in 1914, and then on, the journey was eventful. Within a span of 5 years, the Hinduja Group opened it’s first international an office in Iran, in the year 1919 with Merchant Banking and Trade being it’s two pillars.

The Group remained headquartered in Iran, until 1979, after which it moved to Europe. Since then, the group has expanded and diversified its businesses, with significant contributions to social and charitable initiatives. When India changed its policies in 1991, the Hinduja Family was quick to adapt to free-market reforms and moved quickly in new markets that had opened, and capitalized new economy opportunities. Today, the Hinduja Group strategically contributes to old economy sectors such as Banking & Finance, Transport, Energy (Oil & Power) and the new sectors of Technology, Media and Telecom.

Ably headed and led by Chairman, Srichand Hinduja, the management is supported by his brothers, Gopichand, Prakash and Ashok Hinduja. All the Hinduja Brothers are firm believers in traditional family values, and have striven to inculcate these values in their business enterprises. The organisation’s key guiding principles include mutual trust, respect, cohesion and co-operation. In addition to this, modern management practices are a norm in the everyday working life of the group and it’s companies.
The Hinduja group companies are unique examples of the mélange of ethics and modern business practices. It is a place where employees are given the independent charge of different activities, and are allowed to grow both as individuals and professionals. Great value and a high premium is placed on the healthy work environment, positive internal competition, encouragement and incentives to executives & employees for outperforming one another and most importantly appreciation of a good performance. All this and much more, has made the Hinduja Group, not only an able employer but also a conglomerate with international standards and skill.
With the sound principles and ethics of their Patriarch and the use of global expertise and processes, the Hinduja Brothers have taken the Group to a different level It is no doubt that the group has prospered and diversified into a number of sectors and economies today, and is continuing to reach greater pinnacles of success, every day.

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Hinduja Group

If you are new to the ecommerce world, you may want to consider some of these budgeting tips that will be useful for beginners wishing to set up their own online store with any ecommerce software.

Do You Have A Business Plan?

If you think that running an online business is easy, you have a lot to learn because running an online business requires long term planning. You need to have the skills to plan out your budget wisely in order to avoid getting bankrupt or losing tonnes of money due to wrong decisions or failing to plan properly. Do not rush into it. Take some time to plan out your business budget. You need to consider the amount of capital you are willing to allocate for the running of the business as well as for starting it up. Things like where you will be sourcing your products from and what are the type of pricing that you need to consider. Will you be using a drop ship company or buying from a direct supplier? Are you going to keep any physical stock? Do you need to rent a place to keep them? And is there a high demand for the products that you are planning to sell?

Monthly Fees

You can’t avoid paying the monthly fees for the running of your business. If you are using a normal shopping cart or a customizable shopping cart software, you will need to pay the monthly subscription or the service provider could have your online store suspended. You need to factor in these costs along with whatever drop ship fees or bank fees that you also need to pay. Service providers like Amazon or eBay will charge whenever a transaction is made if you are planning to sell your stuff on them as well. Don’t forget that credit card companies and the payment gateway that you will be using will also have their own set of charges. Make sure you take all of this into consideration for your budget.

Extra Spending

If your online store looks really bad, you may need to consider getting a logo design company to come up with fresh and professional looking templates for your online store to look good. Customers do not want to buy stuff from bad looking store. Image will give the customers the confidence to buy from you or from your competitor. If you need a professional SEO company to help you market your products, that will also cost you. You may want to learn how to do your own online marketing to save you a bundle.


So please do take the time to start small and work out your business plan consistently and steadily. It takes a lot of effort and time as well as finances to be able to run an online store. Have the discipline to keep learning and budget well.

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Lynn Marslowe is a retired web site designer. She shares some ecommerce software budgeting tips for beginners. Learning how to plan and budget will help merchants use their customizable shopping cart software wisely.

If you have a blog, you have an updates feed, most likely in the flavor of RSS feed, but quite possible in Atom feed. This is the file that’s linked to the weird-looking orange button you see on many frequently updated websites, such as blogs. These tips apply to both types of feeds.

Your feed’s job is to talk to other machines about your site on your behalf. Those bot to bot conversations increase your traffic and help more people see your site, either directly through feed reader subscriptions and listings, or indirectly by helping your search rankings. Do at least these basics to take care of your feed.

1. No one loves RSS, okay? I never actually liked it much, but I always understood that it was necessary to grow my site. Stop trying to hug it, and start having a basic understanding of how it helps your business.

2. If you don’t have a site newsletter, you can use RSS to make your blog posts into email newsletters, then put the email subscription box at the top right of your site, or otherwise unobtrusively remind people to subscribe. Aweber will create both the newsletter and the web form for you automatically.

3. About once a week, make sure your feed is validating. Sometimes all it takes is a rarely used character in the title to break your feed. will help you with that for free.

4. Submit your feed to the top RSS search engines and directories. There aren’t hundreds of them as there once were, but for the good ones remaining, like Syndic8, the links can’t hurt you.

5. RSS is what helps your site speak to social media sites automatically, but what if you aren’t sure what is helping and how often? Try FeedBurner. It’s my opinion that the service has been on the decline since Google took it over a year ago, but before you judge by that, take into account the height it was at when the fall began.

It’s still does a pretty decent job of tracking your traffic, and there’s no need to direct ALL your traffic through FeedBurner if you don’t want to, just use it to track sites that you give permission to repurpose your feed, like Twitter and Facebook.

6. Google Reader.

Yes, that’s the whole tip. Of the minority of people who use a Feed Reader to follow blogs rather than email, Google Reader is the top choice. Stick the button on your site, glance over your headlines in Google Reader now and again. Wouldn’t hurt you to share some items over there too.

7. Should you use full-feeds or partial-feeds? It’s a controversial issue. I won’t go into as much detail about how my private findings differ wildly from conventional wisdom, just suffice it to say this. My solution with new sites is to offer both, and let readers choose when they come to your site, and allow the short feed to be syndicated by anyone, with a link at the bottom of each short feed post letting readers know you offer full text as well.

Learning about RSS may not be as big a deal as it once was, but don’t forget that your site’s feed is instrumental in helping your site grow.

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Try, if you can, to imagine Germany in 1945, particularly the industrial Ruhr basin. It was, as a result of relentless Allied bombings, pulverized, a scene of complete chaos and confusion. A less likely locale for the birthplace of one of Europe’s greatest fortunes could hardly be imagined. However, ex-German soldiers Karl and Theo Albrecht made it so. Just how they did not only makes for riveting reading… but presents you with one insight after another that will help you bring their golden touch to your business.

Aldi, co-owner of Trader Joe’s, triumphed by delivering no-frills but super-cheap retail offers.

The formula worked like this: Aldi (Trader Joe’s parent company) “concentrated on the basics: a limited selection of goods for daily needs.”

Aldi carries a limited selection of fastest-selling, nonperishable consumer items, a strategy that allowed them to increase order volume, cut handling costs and waste, and buy their goods cheap — savings immediately passed on to the delighted consumer.

The formula delivered one golden result after another. Immediately following World War II, the brothers took over the single grocery store owned by their parents. By 1950, they were running 13 stores. Five years later they had expanded throughout the Ruhr. Rapid Pan-European and U.S. growth (as Trader Joe’s) followed…. as did the multi-billion dollar fortune shared by the brothers.

A closer look inside Trader Joe’s success formula

1) Limited Choice

Unlike today’s giant supermarkets where are, say, 50 different spaghetti sauces, at Trader Joe’s you find just a couple. You want spaghetti sauce… you get (excellent) spaghetti sauce… just not every one in creation.

2) “Different” brands you may not have seen before.

Trader Joe leaves the well-known national brands we all know to the “big guys.” Instead it specializes in brands you probably didn’t know (before becoming a Trader Joe’s regular) and won’t see on television.

3) Simple, simple, simple

Trader Joe stores are smaller than the giant supermarkets. It’s easy to get the lay of the land and, in a jiffy, see where everything lives. By contrast, mega stores can leave you breathless and feeling like an exolorer.

4) Fresh (flowers), fresh (bakery) and the best priced wine around (but, as always), limited to a few suppliers

Per the formula, you get the goodies you want… at prices you’ll enthusiastically embrace… but (get the picture?) you won’t get choice. You rely on the buyers at Trader Joe’s to wrestle for good prices on good things on your behalf. Because they succeed, you quickly learn to let them do what they do so well. Who needs 50 spaghetti sauces anyway?

5) (Reasonable) service but (characteristically) not lavish

Need help? You may expect (because of the relatively bare bones operation) to whistle for it, or go without. In my experience, the service at Trader Joe’s is about the same as in the giant supermarkets. Particularly in the (awesomely priced) wine department, knowledgeable folk are at hand. (Or, is this just a function of the help at my local neighborhood Trader Joe’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts?) In any case, no complaints here.

6) Quirky customer communications

I read the Trader Joe’s newsletter for months before I ever visited. The copy (and being a professional copywriter I notice) was quirky, interesting, and so well written you could almost taste the never generally available specials they touted. It was one of the few newsletters I read religiously. And, of course, it worked: I went, I sampled, I was hooked.

7) Value, always value

At Trader Joe’s, success all rests on value, value, value. You look at the price not with apprehension about impending “sticker-shock” but with gratitude. “Yeah, I can afford that!” And you do. As you carry your purchases to your car, you say a little prayer to keep Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood… and smile inwardly at how much you got for so little. You are a clever shopper, aren’t you?

And the late Mr. Theo Albrecht?

We must tip our hat to the dearly departed Theo Albrecht, magic merchandiser in the grand tradition, departed July 24, 2010. Unfortunately little is known of Mr. Theo or his elder brother. In fact, so averse were they from publicity that hardly a photograph is known. Let me venture to speculate a guess about this: they wanted your attention to be 100% on Aldi and its child, Trader Joe’s. On your next purchase and not their latest profits. Bless him. I hope he finds an eternity of that unsurpassable Trader Joe’s key lime tart… or whatever (rock-bottom priced) delicacy he fancies. He deserves it!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.,where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice! Dr. Lant is the Author of 18 books, a consultant and well known marketer.

Republished with author’s permission by Janice M. Sears

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Viral video marketing is a great way to get your business to the next level. Even though it is hard to predit which video will go viral, here are a few tips to help you create a marketing video that will be effective and viral ready.

Viral videos become big very quickly. From a marketing standpoint, they are like winning the lottery. Creating a video that goes viral is not an easy task, if it is even possible at all, but that does not mean that you should not try to pull in the elements found in successful viral videos and include them in yours. Even if your video doesn’t go viral, it will be a good addition to your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Video Marketing

· Videos allow you to sell your products in a different way than you would be able to in a brochure or newsletter. A message needs to be heard four or five times before it sinks in for your consumers. Reinforcing a message with a video clip just makes sense. You may send the same message through Twitter or other social media platforms; creating a video is a great way expance your marketing effort.

· Videos help build your brand, and they let your customer get better acquainted with you. A video adds a literal voice to your message, and helps you stick in the minds of consumers. You also add the element of sound to your message, and that gives you just a little more staying power.

· If you are looking for a way for customers and prospects can find you, videos can help. SEO strategy uses videos to boost ratings, because it adds another element to your website content, which helps you website be even more relevant to your topic.

With the newer equipment available today, virtually anyone can produce a video. You don’t need too much experience to create a video, since it only needs to be a few minutes long. Keep things short, sweet and full of action, and if in doubt, start with the action. Find some spunky music to fill the background, and you have yourself a hit. Your video is another avenue for making your business message public.

So as you are creating your Internet marketing plan, make sure that you consider how excellent it would be to create a video and have it go viral. And while viral will probably not happen, creating an online video marketing plan is just another way to offer information about your product or service to your customers and prospects.

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You might be asking, what does 45 mean? In almost any type of business (or life in general), we are told “no.” In fact, we are told “no” a lot. This can be very discouraging. No one likes to be told “no.”

How much easier would be if you knew how many “no’s” you had to endure to get to “yes.” Would it be easier to make that next call? Of course it would because you would understand that each “no” gets you closer to that “yes.”

There is a magic number-45. How does it work? If you make 45 calls a week (that’s only nine calls a day for a five day work week), it is almost guaranteed that you will get to the “yes” and you will grow your business.

Why so many? It takes 45 to main the momentum you need to make something happen. When you dial 45 times, you will get 15 completed calls. A completed call means that you actually talked to a person. (Remember, that means you will also get 30 no answers, answering machines, or some other outcome)

Out of those 15 completed calls you will get five people that are interested in taking a closer look. So now you have 30 calls where you didn’t have to do anything, and 10 “no’s” and 5 “yeses.”

Out of those five people that are interested, you will get one that actually joins your business. So, you essentially have to get 30 no responses and 14 “no’s” to get that one “yes!”

Of course, these numbers reflect the average. Plus, you could make 45 calls a day, by the math above you would get a downline of 5 new people per week (or seven if you work every day). In one month you could have a pretty impressive downline, particularly if you trained those new people the same Power of 45. Wow!

You might not get the “yes” right away (it takes an average of 21 to 30 days for a person to decide to join your business), but you will, over time, get to that “yes.”

Plus, if you are disciplined and actually make the 45 calls consistently, your skills will get better and you may be able to get more “yeses!” Remember for 30 of those calls you aren’t going to have to talk to anyone.

Also using a system where the people you are calling visit your business site first and then leave their name and number the law of averages goes up.

The important thing is to get going and to be consistent. Track your progress. You will be amazed as your business continues to grow, but nothing will happen unless you pick up the phone!

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward. Jim Rohn

If you only do what you know you can do-you never do very much.Tom Krause

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Running a website is a very practical idea for anyone looking at starting an at home business. If you have the technical knowledge to build your own website using html, this will give you the most flexibility. However, there are many free programs out there that can allow even the most green web designer to make a professional looking website in a matter of minutes.

In order to make money on a website, a consistent flow of high volumes of traffic will be your life-blood. You can find a lot of great information online to learn more about getting free search engine traffic. This article will focus on briefly discussing three methods for making money with your website after you are getting consistent traffic. The three easiest and most common methods for making money online are:

1. Google AdSense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Selling Digital Products

If you have been using the internet for any length of time, chances are you have run into a Google AdSense ad at some point in time. These are text based ads that are displayed somewhere on your web page that earn you money every time someone clicks on the ad while visiting your site.

All you need to sign up to implement Google AdSense on your site is a gmail account. The AdSense sign up page will walk you through the easy sign up and setup process. AdSense ads are a great way to earn income because they require minimal effort to setup and maintain while paying you up to a few dollars every time someone clicks on an ad while visiting your site.

Affiliate marketing is another quick and easy way to make money with your website. Like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing is free to implement. All you have to do is sign up to become an affiliate on ClickBank (or any other affiliate marketing site). This will give you access to thousands of products that you can promote on your site in order to earn a commission every time someone purchases a product after being referred from your site.

If you are an expert or an authority in the niche of your site, you should strongly consider writing an e-book and selling it on your site. Let’s say you own a site on home repairs and you are an expert at installing cabinetry. Why not write a 20 page how-to guide on removing and installing cabinets and sell it for five or ten dollars on your site? This is a great way to provide your visitors with the exact information they are looking for while putting some coin in your pocket at the same time.

These three monetization models are extremely easy to implement and are proven and effective ways to make money online. If you have the desire to make money online, running a website is a fun and fulfilling way to help others and make a substantial living at the same time.

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John Murphy is an expert in making money online and has mentored many individuals to successfully starting an at home business using his proven advice.

If you are ready to start your online home business, check out this great information that will get you started:

Business Ideas From Home

A turnkey internet business is a complete business set-up. It contains all things necessary for starting a business. Inventory, equipment, and intangibles like goodwill and a good-standing are required for any business to be a turnkey business.

Franchise is the most usual kind of business that is placed on the market as a turnkey business. A turnkey business frequently comprises of a building that has been put up to the franchise’s stipulation in the case of franchises.

For entrepreneurs who are taking into consideration of purchasing a turnkey business ought to be careful at all times and they should be confident that they know precisely what a specific turnkey procedure comprises of. Not all turnkey businesses are made equal.

There are several online home-based businesses that all of us can avail of. A turnkey internet business has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the benefits that a turnkey online business would include.

Complete turnkey internet business – One of the best things in a turnkey business is that everything is laid out for you. All you have to do is to start running the business.

Total internet marketing system – A complete set of competently planned out customizable lead-capture pages, websites, banners, splash pages and ads. The best marketing tools will be provided like trackers, rotators, and also a full-featured AutoResponder readily set up only for you.

Complete online back office – Your business can be accessed anytime and anywhere you go. All you need to do is get a computer and this would allow you to manage as many online businesses as you want.

Totally computerized worldwide delivery – Because of the fact that all of the manufactured goods are digital, you would not have to worry about the packaging, delivery, warehousing and even order fulfillment. The manufactured good will not melt or freeze or be damaged at any cost. For such reason, there’s no need for insurance on this business.

Unlimited access to the best training and support system – If you run this type of turnkey internet business, it is obvious that you will have a lot of questions and doubts that need to be answered. The majority of this type of Internet home based businesses will provide an unlimited access of the best customer support provider there is. These people would be able to give you complete assistance and answer your queries fast.

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If you’re looking at securing your retirement nest egg now, monetizing domains should be one of your best options. This business is similar to real estate investing because it involves buying a keyword name with income potential, developing it into a thriving website and then reselling it later for thousands of dollars to another business that needs it.

Income benefits

High liquidity

Domains are readily bought and sold on the Internet. What makes domaining more attractive to investors is the low capitalization requirement because all you need to start this business is at least $10. Generic names and typos of popular names can be sold for quick cash. Flipping names is increasingly popular among Internet marketers because they can use their skills in SEO and affiliate marketing to add value to their domain portfolio.

Passive income

The ideal retirement nest egg consists of various sources of passive income, which is money that you continue to receive even without working. Create passive income by selling or promoting affiliate products on websites built around domains. Once you set up your site and automate it, you can forget about it as you focus on other businesses. All you need is to build a site around the domains, add fresh content regularly, optimize it and promote or sell products on its pages.

Not a get rich quick scheme

Buying domains per se will not make you rich and flipping is not a get rich quick scheme. Most generic names are already taken by now so monetizing domains nowadays requires more time and effort to create value.

The value of your online property depends on two key metrics: site traffic and revenue. Owners of offline businesses, other Internet sites and competing websites often buy names that are generating high amounts of site traffic and good cash flow. But you need to focused enough to take domain name action because it takes time to generate traffic and sales.

Monetizing domains requires focus and much of your time especially if you have dozens or even a hundred domains to age. The extra time required to age websites is best spent on existing businesses with good earnings or relaxation. Your best solution is to leave all the hard work to a service that is equipped to do the look after it all from you, including:

1. install your domains to your server

2. install WordPress and a flexible SEO theme

3. install Akismet code if necessary add keywords and a ping list if possible,

4. add the affiliate banners of your choice

5. install Platinum SEO tools submit the sites to search engines for indexing

6. post a regular supply of quality content

Internet marketers and enterprising businessmen have already been monetizing domains and earning thousands of dollars from it. You don’t need to be an expert at flipping to enjoy the rewards of domain flipping because by taking domain name action and outsourcing the hack work, you can continue to focus on the things you enjoy or which make the most money.

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